ECS Details

Mahanagar Gas  provides the option of settling the Gas dues under Electronic clearance system.You can subscribe to this service by filling the  Mandate form, which can be downloaded from the link  provided in related download.ECS enables MGL to direct debit the Gas dues on due date.


6 Good Reasons to Subscribe MGL's ECS

  • MGL is pleased to announce one off offer of 'Free Gas' worth Rs.50/-, in the first bill
  • MGL ECS  also offers you 1%  discount on bills if the bills are paid through ECS
  • No additional charge for opting this mode of payment.
  • It is only a one time exercise which can be availed  just by filling the mandate form. An upper limit can be set by the customer and MGL will debit the bill amount directly from the bank account on the due date. The customer if desires,  has the option to stop ECS before due date mentioned on the bill
  • It saves on commuting cost & time and also avoids delay in payment of bills

Information and Instructions - For ECS Mandate Form

  • ECS (electronic Clearing Service) a facility introduced by the Reserve Bank of India, is an convenient and easy way to make payments as the amount can directly get debited from your account for E.g. Gas Bills 
  • You can provide the mandate from the Existing Bank Account  for this purpose you need not open a fresh bank account
  • You can indicate or set a upper limit for your mandate if you wish to do so
  • If the bill raised for your Gas Consumption and other charges is beyond the value of Mandate, then the bill shall contain a message” mandate insufficient, Please Pay the balance net of ECS mandate on or before due date”, and the customer shall ensure that the payment is made as per the normal practice
  • During the period of the activation of the ECS Mandate you will continue to get the Gas Bills at your registered Address as per the billing cycles
  • You are requested to submit one copy of the duly filled Mandate form to your Bank for their record and retain a copy for your record
    Please forward the MGL Copy to address stated in the form
  • Consumers option for ECS payment facility are eligible for 1% discount subject to a maximum of Rs.50 per Bill (only on the Gas Consumption Charges).  Your first Bill at the first option will get Rs.50/- in the Bill (One time credit)
  • MICR code of the bank should begin with 400
  • If you want to change your bank account No and or bank / Branch with us, a new mandate form duly certified by the Bank has to be submitted to our office at  Centrum House, 4th Floor, CST Road, Vidyanagari Marg, Kalina, Santacruz(E),Mumbai-400098
  • The cheque Dishonour charges shall apply for ECS dishonour also. At present the charges attracted at Rs.200 per transactions not honoured by you or your banker
  • If you wish to discontinue this ECS Mandate facility you shall give us advance intimation in this matter at least One Month in advance