Consumers can deposit the amount in advance to meet the Gas dues under Voluntary Deposit Scheme. They need to fill up a simple Voluntary Deposit Scheme form send it across to us at 4th Floor,Centrum House,CST Road, Vidyanagri Marg, Kalina, Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400098 along with account payee cheque/payorder for the amount they wish to deposit. They will be entitled to earn 7% interest on reducing balance. Their bills will carry the message 'VDS Operative'. Details of VDS amount will be indicated on the bills. The amount of the bill will be adjusted against the deposit on the due date.

Benefits of payment through VDS

  •   Automatic Bill Adjustment. 
  •   Avoid hassles of standing in queues. 
  •   Avoid visit to the bill pay Centers/Drop Boxes. 
  •   Enjoy interest @ 7% on Reducing Balance method.

Detailed Description of VDS Scheme

Earn Interest While You Pay your Gas Bills. 

  • Under this scheme, you have an option to pay a deposit in advance and we will adjust your future Gas bills against it. 
  • This would be an additional mode of payment & would be optional. You will continue to receive Gas bill in the usual manner. You would have right to withdraw from this mode of payment by giving an advance notice.
  • Bills will be sent to you bimonthly indicating the adjustments and the balance of the deposit available.
      You can make these deposits as many times as you wish to our designated billing office.
  • You can choose to deposit any amount However, the minimum initial deposit amount of the scheme will be Rs. 1000/- or in multiples of Rs. 500/- thereafter. In order to qualify to earn interest on the VDS amount, a minimum balance of Rs. 500/- is required to be carried in the account. Maximum amount to entitle to earn interest in the VDS account is Rs. 10, 000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only).
  • Qualifying deposits will carry interest from the date of deposit on reducing balance @ 7% p. a. after adjusting the bi monthly bill on the due date. 
  • The accumulated interest as on 31st March, after deduction of Income-Tax (TDS) if any, will be credited once a year to your consumer reference no (CRN)-account in May every year. In case the deposit amount is exhausted during the year, accumulated interest after deduction of Income-Tax (TDS), if any, will be adjusted in your Gas bill. 
  • You can make payments at the Billing Office as in mentioned in the VDS Forms Even you can avail our on-line payment option on our official website (www.mahanagargas.com
  • Payments will not be accepted at any other offices of MGL or at any other designated banks, post offices and collection counters.
  • If the VDS balance is less than bill amount then remarks on the bills are printed accordingly. 
  • The bills will also show the details of the balance amount of your deposit after adjustment of your Gas bills. You may replenish your deposit, accordingly, from time to time.
  • An annual statement of account at the close of the financial year will be issued.

Further details on above schemes please click here or contact our Consumer Service Helpline: 1917/26594500 To download the Registration form, click here.